"To strengthen awareness and provide support in the fight against Melanoma"

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Mission Statement: 
 “To strengthen awareness and provide support in the fight against Melanoma."
A loving mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend, Rina enjoyed a boundless passion for life and a devotion to the care of others. In remembrance of Rina, we are committed to keeping her spirit alive with the same perseverance and ambition that she exuded by offering to those who are affected by Melanoma the courage and determination to Shine On.

The Rina Agriss Blair Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of providing support, guidance and hope to those affected by Melanoma. Our charge is to strengthen awareness of the ongoing battle against Melanoma and to offer assistance through the fellowship of community, family and friends.

Our Board of Directors

Christina: President, Board Member

Kevin: Treasurer, Board Member

Beth: Vice President, Secretary, Board Member

Russ: Director, Board Member

Chris: Director, Board Member

The Rina Agriss Blair Foundation was established in August of 2011 with a dedication to celebrate the life of Rina and encourage people to be aware of the dangers of Melanoma, “says Christina LaFountain, Rina’s sister and Founder/President of the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation.

Christina is dedicated to spreading awareness of the dangers of skin cancer to the local community in memory of her sister, Rina. One of the foundation’s biggest messages to the community is not to avoid the outdoors, but to simply be smart, responsible, and most importantly be aware of the risk factors of melanoma.

In the previous years, the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation donated all funds raised to the Melanoma International Foundation and Melanoma Research Foundation, but this year all money raised will be donated to a local organization as we want to have an impact on our local community.

Christina’s favorite memory of Rina was when she visited Rina right after she moved from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands to Atlanta, GA. Christina who was eight years old expressed to Rina,” I wish you still lived in the islands, I miss the blue water.” Just a few hours later, no questions asked, Rina booked a getaway for just the two of them to the Grand Caymans to go see the blue water Christina yearned to see.

Christina’s friends and family often describe her as sweet, caring, and at times, funny! When she is not working and volunteering for the Foundation, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their two dogs, friends, and family.

If you would like to contact Christina LaFountain, she can be reached here.

Foundation Treasurer, Kevin LaFountain, became involved with the Foundation through his wife, Founder, and President of the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation, Christina LaFountain. From the moment Christina expressed her desire to create an event /organization not only in honor of her sister Rina, but also to provide support to Melanoma victims, survivors, and families, Kevin without a doubt wanted to be involved.

Kevin is thankful and fortunate he was given the opportunity to know and love Rina in the short-lived time they had. Rina instantly treated Kevin as one her closest friends or family members from the first time they met. She had “the ability to bring people together and make them all feel welcomed and loved, says Kevin.”

Proceeds raised by the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation from this year are different from the previous years in that our fundraising efforts benefit Roper St. Francis Cancer Center right here in the Lowcountry.

One of the our core purposes is to continue keeping Rina’s spirit alive with the same perseverance, ambition, passion for life, and devotion for others exuded by making a difference in the lives of those affected by Melanoma with offering courage and determination to Shine On.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans develops skin cancer during their lifetime. Through donating and volunteering, we can provide an instant impact on the health of our local community. The Rina Agriss Blair Foundation will continue to focus on the fight against Melanoma through education and increased public awareness. This alone could save lives by identifying Melanoma at an early, curable stage.

Kevin loves being with his wife Christina LaFountain and enjoying the Charleston scene and all the city offers.

If you would like to contact Kevin LaFountain, he can be reached here.

Beth- Beth
Foundation Vice President and Secretary, Beth Weisser, was initially approached to share her thoughts with Founder, Christina LaFountain, with the creating a Foundation in memory of Rina.

Belmont Abbey College is the beginning of a remarkable friendship as Rina was one of Beth’s first friends to meet at college. Rina’s infectious spirit and personal drive were the two traits that simply inspired Beth.

One important aspect of the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation is “we are a small group of caring people with big hearts and will do what we can to fulfill Rina’s wishes,” says Beth. This Foundation is family and keeping her spirit alive means a great deal too every one of us.

For those who are interested in donating, the Foundation certainly appreciates supporters like you to succeed in our mission. Help spread the word and create awareness through exposing our Foundation’s fight against Melanoma.

Beth describes herself as grateful and enjoys spending time with family and friends, tennis, sailing, traveling, music, and sitting on the porch.

If you would like to contact Beth Weisser, she can be reached here.

Russ Robinson, Foundation Director and new Board Member, first became involved with the Foundation through his daughter and Foundation Social Director, Haywood Robinson.

The first memory that Russ personally experienced is when his grandfather was diagnosed with skin cancer. The incidence of Melanoma has been increasing for 30 years and claims the life of one American every hour, making Melanoma the most deadly form of skin cancer.

The Rina Agriss Blair Foundation is devoted to providing the community with information about early detection, prevention, and becoming familiar with the risk factors associated with Melanoma and determine if any of them apply to you.

In Memory of Rina Agriss Blair and all those who have suffered from skin cancer, we dedicate our resources and funds to help fight skin cancer and save lives to our local community. Please visit www.RinaFoundation.org for further information about donations.

Russ enjoys golfing, helping those in need, and yard work in his free time.

If you would like to contact Russ Robinson, he can be reached here.

Chris- Chris
Foundation Director, Chris Cook, became involved with the Foundation through the current Board Members and whom he has know since college. The conception of the Rina Agriss Blair Foundation and “the continuous fight to raise funds and awareness has been beyond inspiring,” says Chris.

The first Melanoma memory Chris experienced were Rina’s wishes to take care of himself and pass along the fight that she gave for so many years.

If Chris could pass along one message about the Foundation, he would remind people of the simple steps they can take to avoid the disease completely or the sign to look for early on, as Melanoma is usually curable when found early and treated properly. We are committed to keeping her spirit alive through educating the community how to protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming victims to Melanoma.

Whether you decide to provide a monetary amount to support Melanoma research and medical trials or volunteering to increase community awareness, your generous support is vital to our success.

Chris enjoys volunteering as a coach for youth soccer player, giving back, and being positive about life in hopes others will benefit from his positive attitude.

If you would like to contact Chris Cook, he can be reached here.

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